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A Miraculous Mob of 2,222
Massive Muffins!...

Mint a MetaMuffin


2,222 miraculously massive MetaMuffin Genesis NFTs, baked on the ETH blockchain...

Price: 0.02 ETH (Max 12 mints per wallet)

MetaMuffins Lore

We find ourselves in the Lantrusian Galaxy, dwelling amongst it’s billion’s of planets and stars, on a little, sparkling blue green planet, named Torgon…  the year is 2304.

Zorgog-X35 (lower res).png

"Hello, and welcome! My name is Zorgog-X35.  I am a humanoid robot from planet Teewanja-bok 5.  I am a professional voice actor, narrator, and spooojmaukle walker.  I will be your narrator for a miraculous story about some massive muffins, on a planet named Torgon..."





Stay tuned and hear more on the AUDIO BOOK,

and / or follow the 'MetaMuffins Lore' section in the blog to find out more! 

Meet Zorgog-X35
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