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A Miraculous Mob of 2,222
Massive Muffins 
Exploring New Lands & Frontiers!

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Introduction - The Muffins Have Arrived!MetaMuffins
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2,222 miraculously massive MetaMuffin Genesis NFTs, baked on the ETH blockchain...

Price: 0.01 ETH (Max 100 mints per wallet)

1 Year Anniversary Claim for MetaMuffin Holders:

(Holder snapshot taken on 1/16/24)

(To claim, connect your wallet that is holding your MetaMuffin/s to the 'CLAIM 2 MUFFINS' link above, and will then just need to pay the necessary gas to receive your 2 muffins!) 


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Owning a MetaMuffins Genesis Collection NFT will grant the holder membership and access to the Sky Portal Lounge, allowing access to members-only benefits.  Sky portal lounge is a portal of possibilities... 



Sky Portal Lounge Benefits:


- Owning a truly unique, one of a kind MetaMuffin digital art collectible.

- Being part of a fun, friendly, and diverse community of MetaMuffin holders from around the world (aka the Muffin Mob).

- Being a part of the evolving MetaMuffins saga and lore.

- Exclusive perks related to future MM ecosystem NFT drops.

- Ownership and commercial usage rights for your MetaMuffin NFT.

- Other Sky Portal Lounge perks and benefits will be determined and shared as the MetaMuffins project and community evolves, and moves forward.

MetaMuffins Lore

We find ourselves in the Lantrusian Galaxy, dwelling amongst it’s billion’s of planets and stars, on a little, sparkling blue green planet, named Torgon…  the year is 2304.

Zorgog-X35 (lower res).png

"Hello, and welcome! My name is Zorgog-X35.  I am a humanoid robot from planet Teewanja-bok 5.  I am a professional voice actor, narrator, and spooojmaukle walker.  I will be your narrator for a miraculous story about some massive muffins, on a planet named Torgon..."





Stay tuned and hear more on the AUDIO BOOK,

and / or follow the 'MetaMuffins Lore' section in the blog to find out more! 

Meet Zorgog-X35
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