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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of owning a MetaMuffin NFT?...


Owning a MetaMuffin Genesis NFT grants the holder membership and access to the Sky Portal Lounge, allowing access to members-only benefits, such as...

- Owning a truly unique, one of a kind MetaMuffin digital art collectible.

- Being part of a fun, friendly, and diverse community of MetaMuffin holders from around the world (aka the Muffin Mob).

- Being a part of the evolving MetaMuffins saga and lore.

- Exclusive perks related to future MM ecosystem NFT drops.

- Ownership and commercial usage rights for your MetaMuffin NFT.

- Other Sky Portal Lounge perks and benefits will be determined and shared as the MetaMuffins project and community evolves, and moves forward.

When did the MetaMuffins Genesis drop happen?...
24 hr PRESALE WINDOW January 17th, 2023 @ 10am (PST)

PUBLIC SALE January 18th, 2023 @ 11am (PST)

How can I obtain a MetaMuffin NFT?...

- You can mint a random MetaMuffin from the collection straight out da oven on the official MetaMuffins Genesis Mint Page, and / or you can pick one up on Magic Eden in the secondary market.

What is the mint price?... 

Price: 0.01 ETH (Max 100 mints per wallet)

1 Year Anniversary Claim for MetaMuffin Holders:

(Holder snapshot taken on 1/16/24)

(To claim, connect your wallet that is holding your MetaMuffin/s to the 'CLAIM 2 MUFFINS' link above, and will then just need to pay the necessary gas to receive your 2 muffins!) 

Is there a Discord?... 

- The MetaMuffins team has opted to not go the Discord route.  Project announcements and updates will be made on the official MetaMuffins Twitter page, as well as on the official MetaMuffins website.

NOTE:  Please make sure you are on the official website ( and the official Twitter page (@Meta_Muffins) and not a scam page...  please carefully check the page addresses. 

Will MetaMuffins bring muffin magic into my life?... 

- Yes, most certainly!

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