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Terms of Service

1. Welcome to the Muffin Mob!

'MetaMuffins Genesis' is a collection of 2,222 MetaMuffin characters, created by Shoonya Art, with hopes that they will bring joy and muffin magic to everyone who sees them! Thank you for your support and interest in the MetaMuffins project!


2. Ownership

The names and intellectual property involved in the MetaMuffins NFT Project (“MetaMuffins”, "SuperFrens World", and "Cosmic Cupcakes & Little Green Men") is owned by Shoonya Art. All rights that are not specifically granted to the users and owners of MetaMuffins below are reserved by Shoonya Art. This includes but is not limited to the intellectual property rights surrounding the images, names, logos, layer files, trademarks, the website, the ability to mint 3D or voxel or other versions of MetaMuffins, SuperFrens World, or anything else not specifically granted by any following licenses. 


3. Personal and Commercial Use

By connecting your Ethereum wallet to the official MetaMuffins website and minting an NFT with our smart contract, you have purchased a MetaMuffin!  If you own a MetaMuffin NFT, Shoonya Art grants you a worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy and display the purchased artwork, for personal and/or any commercial use of said collectible. 


4. Prohibited Uses

You may not use or encourage, promote, facilitate, instruct or induce others to use the MetaMuffin collectible and services for any activities that violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation; for any other illegal or fraudulent purpose or any purpose that is harmful to others; or to transmit, store, display, distribute or otherwise make available content that is illegal, fraudulent or harmful to others.
Shoonya Art is committed to complying with copyright and related laws and requires all MetaMuffin collectors to comply with these laws. The MetaMuffin NFTs are considered fair use and any similarities of the MetaMuffins to known people or fictional characters is purely coincidental. Shoonya Art cannot be liable for any copyright infringement committed by MetaMuffin NFT collectible holders. Accordingly, you may not use any MetaMuffin content to disseminate any material or content, in any manner that constitutes an infringement of third party intellectual property rights. You agree that you will be solely responsible for your use of the MetaMuffin NFT.


5. MetaMuffins Are Not Intended as Investments

MetaMuffins are meant to be a fun Non-Fungible Token for you to collect. They are not meant as investment vehicles. We make absolutely no promise or guarantee that these NFTs will be worth anything more than what you and the market deem the art to be worth. This could very well be zero. We give you our word that we will try to build a strong community and bring as much intangible value and positive energy to the project as we can! You understand that they have no inherent monetary value, and they should be treated as nothing more than a collectible with potential future value or lack thereof.

6. Taxes

You are entirely responsible for any tax liability which may arise from minting or reselling your MetaMuffins.

7. MetaMuffins is Not Targeted Towards Minors

You agree that you are over the age of 18, or above the legal age of your jurisdiction, whichever is greater.

8. Limitations of Liability for Gas, Failed Transactions, Smart Contract Bugs

We have worked very hard to make sure that our initial MetaMuffins launch is smooth. However, sometimes things do not go as planned. You agree to hold Shoonya Art and its directors, officers, shareholders and agents harmless for any and all losses or damages (general, special, incidental, punitive, consequential, direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary or the like) that you may incur as a consequence of minting your MetaMuffins. These potential losses include, but are not limited to, gas fees for failed transactions, excessive gas fees charged due to website or smart contract bugs, and any loss of your MetaMuffin due to website or smart contract bugs or problems, however caused.

9. No Guarantees or Future Promises

Shoonya Art plans to continue to develop the MetaMuffins project and community. We have future goals we hope to accomplish with the project, and while we intend to work towards those goals, unforeseen events do occur and you explicitly accept them.


MetaMuffins will only succeed with community support.  We look forward to expanding the MetaMuffin community, art, and lore... well beyond the initial drop! 

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