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- Birth of the MetaMuffins.  A fresh batch of 5,000 MetaMuffins, created with care at the MetaMuffin Bakery.

MetaMuffins Fan Art Challenge 

(Dates TBA)

(Fan Art Challenge Guidelines)
-Winners will be announced.
-The top 3 art challenge entries will receive a free MetaMuffin NFT.

-20 additional art challenge entries will receive a spot on the MetaMuffin presale list.

MetaMuffins Drop
(Genesis Collection)

- A fresh batch of 4,900 MetaMuffins will be released and available for minting.

Presale:  (TBA) 
Public Sale: 

- 100 MetaMuffins will be unreleased, to be used for special giveaways, and the MetaMuffin Bakery collection.

- MetaMuffins Verified on OpenSea.

MetaMuffins Listed on Rarity Sniper

The MetaMuffin Bakery is committed to both the quality and utility of each NFT collectible that it releases, as well being committed to the ongoing community development and outreach for the MetaMuffins project and related projects, with high hopes that they will remain to be delectable collectibles, for years to come.

Other Possible Future Developments for the Project:

-New MetaMuffin Bakery NFT collections to join the MetaMuffin extended family.
-Partnerships with other NFT collections, and brands.
-MetaMuffin merch drops. 
-Special Edition NFT releases.
-And perhaps even more... the muffin-verse is filled with possibility and potential!...

Stay tuned!

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