Muffin Clans

Updated: Nov 13

Among the 2,222 Genesis MetaMuffins that have emerged from the sky portal, there are 30 distinct muffin types, with many of the these types forming their own muffin clans. Below is a bit more info. on each of the muffin clans... at least what we know of them thus far. More info. will be added as we learn and discover more.

- Rainbow Clan:

Topped with blueberry whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, and filled with strawberry jam... some feel that life is just a bit more lively and colorful having RainbowMuffins around.

- LuchaLibre Clan:

Masked in mystery, LuchaLibreMuffins are freestyle muffin wrestling masters. They are known widely for their signature move, the triple chocolate, pile driver swirl, with sprinkles on top.

- Rambo Clan:

Hardened by their time in the oven, RamboMuffins may present a hard exterior, though they are still quite soft and fluffy on the inside.

- Love Clan:

LoveMuffins feel that life is simply more pleasant when muffins treat each other lovingly and with respect. Committed to this ideal, one could say it is LoveMuffins which make the muffin-verse go round.

- Robo Clan:

High in iron, as well as in silver, copper, and zinc, these muffins are mineral powerhouses. Whoever says muffins aren't high tech, apparently has yet to meet a RoboMuffin.

- Granite Clan:

These MetaMuffins not only know how to rock, they are literally made of rock, and are built to last.

- Jello Clan:

JelloMuffins are some of the most upstanding members of the MetaMuffin community... what you see is what you get. They have nothing to hide, and are as transparent as they come.

- X-ray Clan:

X-rayMuffins have been specially irradiated to give them that unique muffin glow. They have also been known to surf on some of the gnarliest energy waves in the metaverse.

- Mutant Clan:

Some call them a bread, some call them a dessert, and some call them an accident... though one thing we can all agree upon is that MutantMuffins are truly a sight to see, and quite rare to behold!

- Zombie Clan:

These muffins have gone a bit bad, though to some, just like aged cheese, it makes them all the more delectable.

Warning: ZombieMuffins may contain nuts... and eat brains.

- Fluff Clan:

For those who like their muffins light and fluffy, these MetaMuffins are the one for you. Light and fluffy on the inside, and on the outside, FluffMuffins make the perfect cozy-time companion!

- Super Clan:

Loaded with veggies, super food nutrients, and fiber, and just a tad sweet, these MetaMuffins are both healthy and hearty! When in despair, or losing your hair, have no fear, SuperMuffins are here!

- Multi Clan:

MultiMuffins are quite a bargain... buy one, get 7 for free. MultiMuffins come fully equipped with 7 hover muffins which can be sent out to scope the surrounding environment.

- Mystical Clan:

These muffins have elevated their vibrations to such a degree that they have merged with the greater cosmos. They are basically walking portals, connecting to alternate universal dimensions.

- Golden Clan:

Having a heart of gold, these MetaMuffins have been talked about in muffin tales throughout the ages. Made of pure gold, and platinum, and adorned with diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones, GoldenMuffins are the epitome of 'muffin-bling'.

- Fire Clan:

Sporting a flaming cabeza, and one of a kind muffin-bling, these MetaMuffins really know how to bring the heat. Not only are they flaming hot, some might even call them straight fire!

- Diamond Clan:

The passage of light through the crystalline matrix of these muffins multiplies as it bounces from one surface to another, causing a bounty of bling bling goodness to be reflected back to all.

- Mecha Clan:

Capable of transforming from terrestrial to aquatic, or aerial muffin, in seconds, these sleek, stylish, and streamlined robotic muffins are quite a rare sight to see.

- Anime Clan:

These muffins though sometimes a bit intense, are definitely the life of the party and always ready to pump it up! If you’re needing a little pick me up, spend some time with an AnimeMuffin and you will be good to go.

- Dragon Clan:

The super rare DragonMuffins have protective scales and spikes, and can spit fire when need be, though this ferocity is usually tempered a bit by their soft and fluffy muffin interiors.