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MetaMuffin Fan Art Challenge

(June 1st - June 30th, 2022)

In anticipation of the upcoming MetaMuffins Genesis Collection drop in the summer of 2022, the MetaMuffin Bakery is challenging the MetaMuffin community to show us your own unique version of a MetaMuffin!


Enter for your chance to win a free MetaMuffin NFT airdrop, or a spot on the presale list for early access to the release!

-The top 3 art challenge entries will receive a free MetaMuffin NFT.

-20 additional art challenge entries will receive a spot on the MetaMuffin presale list.


To Enter:


1) Follow @meta_muffins on Twitter and Instagram.


2) Draw your own MetaMuffin (Digital or traditional art medium).  Be creative with it and incorporate your own style!


3) Post your drawing to Twitter and Instagram and tag MetaMuffins (@meta_muffins) by Thursday, June 30th at 10pm PT.


4) Include the hashtag #MetaMuffins on your post.


Winners will be announced on Twitter on Tuesday July 5th at 7pm PT by Ben (@Shoonya_Art_), and will also be contacted by him on Twitter.  Winners will need to provide their MetaMask wallet address to be able to receive their free MetaMuffin NFT airdrop, or to be added to the presale list.

Good luck!

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